The rebranding strategy gives to Izidoro a modernized image of its products.

The rebranding strategy gives to Izidoro a modernized image of its products.

The new image maintains its identity – the name Izidoro – but, not only renew its products as well as its packaging and marketing policy.

Integrated in the Montalva Group, the century-old brand has now a new logo and a new brand mark – “Somos Criadores” (We are Breeders) to reflect the identity of a hundred percent Portuguese company in the tending and working on the meat business.

Following the rebranding strategy, Izidoro has divided its product into 3 categories, as such: butchery, delicatessen and grocery with 4 different ranges, namely: economic, original, healthy and gourmet so that it meets the varying needs of consumers.

The desire to humanize more its relationship with its consumers Izidoro created a customized approach divided in 3 categories: Izidoro, the Butcher; Izidoro, the Grocer; and Izidoro, the Deli Man. These 3 characters are now in the packaging of Izidoro`s products with the purpose to convey to its consumers their importance in the value chain of the company. A profound change in packaging, from design to the message took place. After a strategic thinking about the categories and the relationship between consumers and brand we felt that this was the time for rebranding. The strategy was to build Izidoro`s own visual identity and a brand`s plan that would clearly convey the new positioning; challenge the authority of the categories; reinventing a direct communication with the consumer; increasing the perceived value of the products; unravel the dogmas of the category, promoting the origin that would allow to the Izidoro`s brand to attract new consumers ”, says Marco Andrade, marketing director of the Montalva Group.

Izidoro’s rebranding project was developed in collaboration with the Portuguese agency Unlock Brands and is released through a 360-degree campaign through the on and offline media. In television, in the main channels (SIC, SIC News, TVI and TVI24) the brand presents two films of 30 and 10 seconds, and in some cable channels (Fox, Fox Life, Fox Movies, 24Kitchen). The publicity of the Izidoro`s rebranding is also on mupis throughout the country, on a national radio network with live copies on RFM, and on digital. Izidoro has also renewed its presence on the internet, with a new website, available at, which presents a more interactive experience and with news both in the area of products and recipes.


Source: Grande Consumo