Our bovine

The breeding of Izidoro`s cattle is done on an extensive basis and its fattening takes place in a stable. It is also known that bovine animals are nutritionally rich species being their parts widely used in Portuguese gastronomy.

It is one of the most consumed meat species worldwide and extremely important to the populations of Africa, East Asia and Southeast Asia.

When compared to pork and depending on the type of cut, beef is usually more expensive since the process of raising cows requires more resources and is also more time consuming.

Some considerations must be taken when buying this type of meat such as its consistency, which must be firm and compact and its color that has to be a bright red one and the fat must be white.

The bovine meat is usually classified by the age of the animal at the time of the slaughter. Younger animals are more tender, and older animals are firmer:

Under 8 months

Older Calves
Older than 8 and less than 12 months

Young Calves
Older than 12 and less than 30 months

Ox and / or cow
Over 30 months

The cutting of the bovine cattle to be sold is divided in two classes (1st category and 2nd category)comprising a total of 21 types of cut with the same nutritional value.

1st category meat
is often used to:

To grill

To fry

To roast

To braise
2nd category meat
is used to:

To braise

To Boil

To Stew

Besides the fact that the bovine meat can be cut into steaks, kept whole or stripped, there are other parts equally eaten such as tail, tongue, tripes, sweetbreads(pancreas, thymus gland, heart, liver, kidney and testicles). The bones are also used to make broth due to the marrow it contains.

The nutritional benefits of the bovine meat are:

Complex B vitamins
(mainly Vitamin B12)