The Pork Cuts

You go to the butcher and don't know what to order?
We can help you!

  1. Hock

    1 - Hock

    They are the lower limbs of the pig. It can be cooked or stewed and is widely used in traditional dishes such as “feijoada” (a stew of beans), Portuguese cooked dish, “chispalhada”(a dish made with pig's feet) or coriander pig's feet.

    Forefoot to Roast Forefoot to Stew Forefoot to Fry Forefoot to Boil
  2. Leg / Ham

    2 - Leg / Ham

    It is the hind limb and because it has multiple uses it can be presented whole or in several cuts: medallions, steaks or in Portugal “bifanas” ( leg fillets sandwich) is a very traditional snack, or even whole. Ideal for baking, boiling or stewing.

    Pork leg to Roast Pork leg to Boil Pork leg to Stew
  3. Side / Belly

    3 - Side / Belly

    Very well known on the Korean barbecues it may be presented boné in or boneless as well rindo n/off. The bonés from the bellies are a diferente cut it´s called spare ribbs.

    Streaky to Grill Streaky to Fry Streaky to Stew Streaky to Boil
  4. Spare Ribs

    4 - Spare Ribs

    This cut is taken from the belly by separating the bone from the meat. The bones, spare ribs could be cooked in severall diferente ways and the meat in between bonés is very juicy and delicious.

    Spare Ribs to Grill Spare Ribs to Stew Spare Ribs to Boil Spare Ribs to Roast
  5. Picnic Shoulder

    5 - Picnic Shoulder

    With the pork arm removed, the paddle is directly roasted. It can also be cut into steaks or rojões, which is deliciously fried or in a tasty stew.

    Shoulder to Roast Shoulder to Stew Shoulder to Fry Shoulder to Boil
  6. Jowl

    6 - Jowl

    Taken from the pig's head this is a cut used inseveral different cultures worldwide. It can be stewed, boiled,Roasted or grilled, because of the fat content in the barbecue it´s a star.
    It is from this part that the famous chaps come from.

    Chaps to Stew Cabaço to Boil Cabaço to Roast
  7. Collar

    7 - Collar

    This piece is taken from the neck of the pig and can be cooked in several diferente ways. It´s a cut of greta quality since it has na ideal balanced between fat and muscle.
    The moust tastefull pork chops came from this cut.

    Cachaço  to Grill Scrag de fundo to Roast Scrag de fundo to Stew Scrag de fundo to Fry Scrag de fundo to Boil
  8. Loin

    8 - Loin

    Taken from the dorsal hemi-vertebrae this piece is one of the most popular cuts of pork. A lean, but very juicy meat, ideal for grilling, roasting or frying. When we remove the bone, we have the loin, which is widely used for roasts in the oven. It can be prepared whole or in steaks. The tenderloin, a muscle that fills the inner lumbar groove, and which is undoubtedly the piece of greatest tenderness in the pig can be fried or grilled and is great for kebabs.

    Loin de fundo to Roast Loin to Grill Loin to Fry