The recipe for success

The recipe for success

If you join with a good measure of inspiration, a hint of entrepreneurship and sound knowledge of the market plus an inch of proximity to the consumer you have the recipe for success that has guided Izidoro throughout the food chain process.

Taking into account that in the world of today, gastronomy has won its place and chefs become the star, we have invited Olivier da Costa, one of the most renowned chefs in Portugal, to come to “Quinta do Peru” not to concoct a new dish but to perceive what guides and motivates his work.

Izidoro is a brand that is often found in supermarkets. However, in order to be closer to its consumers it has a new image and range of products. A close monitoring of the changing process will help us understand why Izidoro chose to give a new course to its business.

Izidoro has its origin in Alentejo and is the right representative of the agricultural realm of Portugal. “Ovibeja” is an annual event that has been organized over the past 36 years to boost all products derived from the field.

Source: Imagens de Marca