Our pig

In our farms we have white pigs of selected breeds and genetics.

In line with the much talked about circular economy`s concept, the pork has a manifold utility if you consider that all its parts are used in the Portuguese gastronomy. tile animal since all its parts are used in the Portuguese gastronomy.

There are some aspects however that you must pay attention when buying pork meat. It should have a pink or reddish-pink color, without any trace of liquid and the intramuscular fat must be in a balanced way since it is this fat that gives the meat juiciness, flavor and tenderness.

It is recommended that the pork is well cooked for reasons of hygiene and food safety reasons.​ Both temperature and cooking time is the best guarantee to avoid health issues.

The meat that makes up the back of the pig is of a higher quality.

The front parts require a longer cooking time in order to be more tender.

High in protein

less fat

Ideal for roasts.

Nutritional benefits of the pork meat:

Vitamins (thiamine)
Minerals (iron)