Our Beef Cuts

You go to the butcher and don't know what to order?
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  1. Neck

    1 - Neck

    The neck cut consists of muscle and fibers, connective tissue and fat that demands a lengthy cooking time. It is especially suitable for stews and broths. When boned, it can be used for hamburgers and other minced dishes. It is a very special 2nd category meat that gives any dish a very tasty jellied texture and a good consistency to sauces.

    Scrag To Braise Scrag To Stew Scrag To Fry Scrag ​To Boil
  2. Chuck

    2 - Chuck

    This is a fairly lean meat classified under a 2nd category. It can be grilled, stewed or roasted. Steaks are very tender, juicy and tasty. It can be minced as well. It is also from this cut that we can have the best piece of meat called “entrecotê”.

    Beef Chuck To Braise Beef Chuck To Roast Beef Chuck To Fry Beef Chuck To Grill
  3. Shoulder

    3 - Shoulder

    Taken from the front legs of the cow this meat is very juicy and tender. It is suitable for minced meat, roast and stew or it can also be cut into steaks, which work very well when grilled.

    Shoulder  To Braise Shoulder  To Roast Shoulder  To Fry Shoulder  To Grill
  4. Brisket

    4 - Brisket

    It is a 2nd category meat and due to the large quantity of muscles and fiber this meat cut demands a lengthy cooking time.

    Breast To Braise Breast To Stew Breast To Roast
  5. Shank

    5 - Shank

    It is a meat rich in gelatinous materials suitable for broths, stews and soups. It is a very tasty meat and requires a lot of cooking time.

    Shank To Stew Shank ​To Boil Shank To Roast
  6. Hand

    6 - Hand

    Known by the name of cow`s hand, this cut is taken from the front muscle of the animal. It has a soft and gelatinous consistency. It is the best meat to braise / stew and eat with pasta.

    Hand To Stew Hand ​To Boil Hand To Roast
  7. Tenderloin

    7 - Tenderloin

    This is a first class meat cut. Because of its tenderness, juiciness and taste it is an excellent choice for roasts and steaks. It is from this cut that well known dishes such as Chateau Briand, Filet-Mignon and Tornedós/Medallions are taken.

    Tenderloin To Grill Tenderloin de fundo To Roast Tenderloin de fundo To Fry
  8. Striploin

    8 - Striploin

    The meat from this cut is very tender and with very little fat. It can be fried, grilled and stuffed.

    Striploin To Grill Striploin To Roast Striploin To Fry
  9. Flank

    9 - Flank

    There are two types of flank pieces: thick and thin. The first type (thick) belongs to the 2nd category and is more suitable for stews. The second type (thin) is indicated for broths, and it can also be used for boiling and stews as well as for grilling.

    Skirt ​To Boil Skirt To Braise Skirt To Grill
  10. Rump

    10 - Rump

    The rump cuts considered by many the “queen of meats” with its soft fibers is extremely tasty. It is used in the preparation of steaks, roasts, stews and braise. It is also commonly used cut in barbecues.

    Top Sirloin To Grill Top Sirloin To Roast Top Sirloin To Fry Top Sirloin ​To Boil Top Sirloin To Braise
  11. Silverside

    11 - Silverside

    It is a “first class” meat cut with long, stiff fibers and outside fat that requires a slow cooking. It is used for the preparation of stuffed meats, stews, roasts and roast beef.

    Silverside To Braise Silverside To Stew Silverside To Roast
  12. Knuckle

    12 - Knuckle

    Good for boiling, this meat cut is also ideal for stew or in steak.

    Knuckle To Roast Knuckle To Grill Knuckle To Stew Knuckle ​To Boil
  13. Top side

    13 - Top side

    Considered a prime meat cut, taken from the inner and posterior part of the ox`s thigh with its long and lean fibers in a rounded shape, it is very juicy and great for steaks with sauce, for grilling, stewing or braising.

    Eye of Round To Grill Eye of Round To Braise Eye of Round To Stew
  14. Rump Cap

    14 - Rump Cap

    This meat cut is extremely tender, tasty and juicy. It can be served whole or in steaks, but it can also be used for the preparation of stews, roasts or simply fried. The best part of this cut is the tip of it.

    Prime Cut of the Top Sirloin To Grill Prime Cut of the Top Sirloin To Fry Prime Cut of the Top Sirloin To Roast Prime Cut of the Top Sirloin ​To Boil