Izidoro is now younger and more colorful

Izidoro is now younger and more colorful

Following the process of rebranding signed by the Portuguese agency Unlock Brands, the changes that can be clearly noted are a new visual identity (colorful packaging), a close-knit communication with customers and a strong brand signature.

The new image, according to the Montalva Group maintains the name Izidoro but adds to it a more humane, transparent, optimistic and contemporary attitude towards its consumers. According to the Montalva Group brand, the new image maintains its identity as a reference – the name Izidoro – but makes the brand more humane and with a contemporary, transparent and optimistic personality. Also noteworthy is the signature “Somos Criadores”, which aims to reflect Izidoro’s 100% Portuguese origin.

Beyond the changes in image, communication with customers and so forth the products have been organized in three categories ( Butchery, Delicatessen and Grocery) that are divided into four classes, namely, economic, original, healthy and gourmet.

For each category we have created a character specialized in butchery – the Butcher, delicatessen – the Deli Man and grocery – the Grocer which appears in the packaging of the products mirroring the knowledge and experience that Izidoro has in these areas.

«The strategy was to build its own visual identity and a brand plan that would clearly convey the new positioning; challenge the authority patterns of the categories by reinventing communication with the consumer; increase the perceived value of the products, value the origin, and allow the Izidoro brand to attract new consumers», summarizes Marco Andrade, Marketing Director of the Montalva Group.

A 360º Campaign

To let the public know all the novelties from Izidoro, a 360º publicity campaign has been launched with the making of two (10 and 30 seconds) publicity films by the advertising company called Show Off that counts on the participation, in the voice off, of Filomena Cautela, a well-known television host and actress in Portugal.

The creative concept of the commercial spot gives life to food products which in turn “feel under pressure” by consumers, but on a trip to a psychologist discovers that the solution is in their origin.

The campaign is also covered by mupis (national network), radio (live copies at RFM) and digital platforms.

Source: Marketeer