Izidoro has extended the supply of ham products

Izidoro has extended the supply of ham products. It has also extended it to wellbeing and healthy products with low fat sausages.

The new healthy sausages are suitable for celiacs since they are free of gluten, preservative and lactose and have a fat content lower than 3%.

The various type of poultry sausages (plain and with vegetables) and the pork sausages low in fat are available in flasks with 5 pieces.

Izidoro is also increasing the supply of ham products with reduced salt content (about 25%) and wood-fired oven ham in a variety that goes from extra leg ham, chicken breast ham to turkey breast ham suitable for gluten and lactose free diets. They are steamed slowly which gives them a fine texture and juiciness.

For those who cannot do without the most traditional Portuguese flavor, Izidoro has the wood-fired oven range with chicken breast ham and turkey breast ham whose cooking gives a unique flavor and aroma.

Either at the service counter or in the self- service zone you will find the reduced salt content ham and the wood-fired oven ham in any outlets that sell Izidoro`s products.

The launching of these two new products have been thoroughly supported by a 360º advertising campaign covered by TV, social networks and mupis throughout the month of July with the sole purpose to convey to its customers their nutritional benefits.



Source: Grande Consumo